HDHomeRun for Roku gives cordcutters access to live TV

It's still in beta and only has the ability to play over-the-air live TV.

HDHomeRun is giving cordcutters a new way to watch live TV through their Roku device. Its developer, Silicondust has released a Roku channel for the service called HDHomeRun OTA Live. At the moment, it's in its early beta stages and can only play over-the-air live TV -- viewers can use it to watch shows currently airing, check out the program guide and change channels, but that's pretty much it. Silicondust says it's working on bringing more features to the channel, though, including support for the company's HDHomeRun Prime TV tuner for live cable TV.

To install it, users have to go to, log into their accounts and click Add Channel with a code. Once they input the code N6MN9QC and go through all the beta warning pages, they can use it to watch live shows. That said, they need a TV, an AV receiver or a sound bar that can decode Dolby Digital or AC3 audio over HDMI to hear sounds. Silicondust warns that some Samsung TVs don't have that capability. They also need to update their firmware if they haven't yet.