Waymo's Jaguar EV hits public roads for self-driving tests

You might see the autonomous SUV on the streets of Mountain View, California.

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Waymo is putting its Jaguar I-Pace EVs on the road for more public testing, only this time around it's been fully kitted out with self-driving tech. The company confirmed to TechCrunch it started testing the self-driving cars close to its Mountain View, California headquarters.

During the tests, Waymo has put a safety driver inside, ready to take control if anything goes awry. It's a significant step for Waymo towards adding the self-driving cars to its ride-hailing fleet, which it plans to do next year.

Waymo revealed last year it was adding I-Pace EVs to its self-driving fleet. The cars had been on the streets in the Bay Area before to collect reams of road data, though they were under the control of a human driver. Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover have a deal that could see as many as 20,000 self-driving I-Pace cars joining Waymo's ride-hailing fleet within the first two years of service.

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