Thom Yorke's new album comes with a Netflix short film

The 'ANIMA' album and one-reeler will be available June 27th.

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The same day Thom Yorke's upcoming album ANIMA comes out, he'll release a short musical film directed by frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. The one-reeler will be set to three ANIMA tracks, and Yorke is expected to both score and star in the production. Netflix, which released a trailer today, calls the film a "mind-bending visual piece" and says it's best played loud.

We'd expect nothing less from Yorke, who once released an album online exclusively as a BitTorrent Bundle, and along with Radiohead, released an album with a hidden app that only worked on '80s computers. You'll have to wait until June 27th to listen to ANIMA or experience the film. If a Netflix viewing doesn't cut it, you'll be able to find ANIMA in select Imax theaters.

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