Walmart Mexico begins delivering grocery orders sent via WhatsApp

Customers don't even have to type out their grocery list.

·1 min read

You may not give WhatsApp a second glance in the App Store, but in other countries, it's the messaging app of choice. It's so big in Mexico, for instance, that Walmart Mexico is now accepting grocery delivery orders for its Superama supermarkets sent via the messaging service. According to Reuters, customers can send their orders through WhatsApp to a number owned by Walmart -- they don't even have to type their list out. The publication tested it by sending the number a photo of a handwritten list and got a response from a representative immediately.

Superama is charging $2.55 for delivery within 90 minutes or $2.03 for orders with longer turnaround times. It also accepts payment in cash or card on delivery. The Walmart-owned grocery chain, which makes up 92 of the retail giant's 2,459 stores in Mexico, already takes orders through its website and app. Clearly, though, it's hoping that WhatsApp's ubiquitous presence in the country will encourage more potential customers to give grocery delivery a shot.