Google Maps can warn you if your ride goes off-route

It could protect you from predators.

Many ride-hailing passengers are understandably anxious about their vehicles going off-route due to the potential for sexual assault. However, Google hopes it can set minds at ease until there really is cause for worry. It just introduced optional off-route alerts that let Google Maps users on Android know if their ride veers more than 0.5km (about 0.3 miles) from the suggested route. Enable the feature and you'll get a "prominent notification" as well as a view of where you are relative to the suggested path. From there, you can share your live trip details if you want others to be aware or take action.

The feature is available now in India. We've asked Google if and when it will expand to other countries. It's easy to imagine Google making the alerts widely available, though. Safety is a concern everywhere, and this could help you relax during the journey home instead of worrying about every single detour or missed turn.