Lyft offers non-emergency rides to Medicaid patients in Arizona

It's working on expanding Medicaid rides to people in more states.

Lyft will offer rides to more people in need of them for health reasons, as it's signed up to become a Medicaid provider in Arizona. Non-emergency medical transportation rides will be covered for eligible patients. Lyft is also working on expanding the program to Medicare services in other states.

The move should help more people get to doctors when they need to see them without having to perhaps rely on public transport. Around 23 percent of Arizona residents are enrolled with the state's Medicaid agency, so the rideshare option could benefit more than a million people right out of the gate.

Lyft wrote in a blog post that more states are starting to add ridesharing as a covered transportation option under their Medicaid programs. Florida and Texas also brought laws into force on that issue in recent months.