Apple starts selling diabetes monitors in its stores

One Drop tracks blood sugar through your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple's health push now includes more tools for diabetics. Apple retail stores have started carrying a diabetes tracking product -- in this case, One Drop's blood glucose monitor. It's not a continuous monitor (you have to lance yourself), but its Bluetooth connection to your iPhone and Apple Watch helps you track blood sugar levels with the devices you already use every day. It sells for $70 and includes a year's worth of coaching from a diabetes educator.

While this isn't directly linked to Apple's health software efforts, it reflects how important health tech is to the company's strategy. Apple stores' third-party selections frequently reflect the tech giant's priorities, whether it's smart homes or connected toys, and that's certainly true here. It wants you to see iPhones, Apple Watches and other Apple products as important parts of your health routine, whether by themselves or as part of a larger ecosystem.

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