Apple offers free repairs for faulty 2018 MacBook Air logic boards

It's not clear what the issue is beyond 'power.'

Some owners of Apple's current-generation MacBook Air might be due for a free but important fix. Reports from 9to5Mac, AppleInsider and MacRumors indicate that Apple has found a logic board problem with a "very small number" of MacBook Air units that will warrant free repairs for up to four years after the original purchase date of a given machine. The company hasn't detailed the nature of the issue or added the Air to its official repair extension page, but the symptoms can include "power," according to 9to5Mac.

Apple is reportedly notifying affected customers by email.

We've asked Apple for comment. The low-key nature suggests this isn't a widespread problem, but the timing is less than ideal. It comes days after Apple recalled some older MacBook Pros over battery issues, and weeks after the company made MacBook keyboard repairs a higher priority. Still, it's good to know that Apple is tackling these issues directly instead of leaving customers to wonder (and in some cases pay out of pocket).