Bullet's captioned snippets make podcasts a lot more shareable

It works with multiple services on iOS.

While becoming more and more popular, podcasts are far less share-friendly than videos because of their long-form and audio-only nature. An Adelaide-based company aims to change that with a new iOS app called Bullet. It lets you create 30 second video snippets, complete with captions, suitable for sharing on social media. That way, you can post enticing bits of a podcast that are watchable without sound to share with your friends -- a win for consumers and producers alike.

Once you find a clip you want to share, you can snip up to 30 seconds of it and generate a captioned video clip, then share it to your social media app of choice. People are more likely to watch a captioned clip, as they can do so without the need to listen to the audio in a quiet environment. One drawback is that the captions are auto-generated, so quality could be spotty at best.

The app is mostly aimed at consumers, unlike Spotify's short-form podcasting app Anchor, which can also generate captioned snippets. Another product with similar features, Headliner, also mainly targets producers.

Bullet works on top of any iOS podcast app, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, which together account for 72 percent of usage. "People quickly skim over news articles, tweets and Facebook posts to determine if they want to continue reading," said Bullet CEO Benjamin Lim. "There is no easy way to do the same for podcasts, which is why new podcasts are so hard to discover. We want to change that." ​

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