Spotify Stations radio app now works with CarPlay

You can now control playback directly from your vehicle's head unit.

Stations is Spotify's answer to Pandora, letting you tune in and listen to curated music without having to lift a finger. That convenience made it an immediate hit when it launched last month, but one important feature was missing for iOS users: CarPlay support. Spotify has quietly fixed that issue by (as spotted by a Reddit user),and now lets you control your music directly from your in-dash entertainment system.

Spotify Stations breaks Spotify's radio feature out into a separate app. It surfaces music based on your own playlists and listening habits, and lets you add or subtract artists and like or dislike songs. Since you can listen to tunes without thinking too much or digging in to your collection, it's especially convenient on CarPlay.

As on the mobile app, selecting Stations in CarPlay allows you to flip between your favorite stations and skip from song to song using your vehicle's built-in controls. The app is only available in the US and Australia (I can't get it here in France), but you should be able to install it on your CarPlay system now if you're in one of those two countries.