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Logitech G teases Blue gaming headphones on the way

All will be revealed on July 9th.

Late last year Logitech acquired Blue Microphones, and a tweet indicates their next combo project is for gamers. We've already seen the debut of the Blue Ember XLR microphone for streamers, but it seems likely that this Logitech G product will actually be a new set of Blue-designed headphones for the gaming lineup. All we can see is a logo that's probably located on an ear cup -- that bears little resemblance to the older A Logitech G933 gaming headset pictured above -- but what they'll sound like is what matters, and Blue has come through on that front before.

Expect them to be unveiled July 9th -- the usual set of streamers and influencers are already touting the unveiling date on their Twitch channels and social media profiles -- when we should find out how these will help you get more kills and/or talk to the folks in the stream chat a little more clearly.