'Stranger Things' x 'Fortnite' crossover adds a couple of skins

And a 'vines' weapon wrap.

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Epic Games / Netflix
Epic Games / Netflix

Netflix's release of Stranger Things 3 has brought along an unprecedented number of marketing tie-ins, which include a link to Fortnite. Some familiar-looking teleporters popped up in the game's mall area yesterday to join already-included Scoops Ahoy ice cream powerups, and tonight Epic announced the full details of their crossover. Unfortunately, unlike the Avengers: Endgame and John Wick collaborations, there doesn't appear to be any kind of new limited-time game mode.

Instead, as expected, there are a couple of new skins available allowing players to take on the appearance of Chief Hopper or the Demogorgon (that cost 1,500 and 1,200 "v bucks" respectively), plus a "Vines" weapon wrap. If anything else appears in-game, let us know -- but no spoilers, not everyone has finished season three yet.

I think I just sold two Demogorgon skins for Epic from r/FortNiteBR
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