The Morning After: AMD's pre-release Radeon RX 5700 price drop

And an electric Mustang.

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Welcome to your weekend! While Steve Ballmer celebrates a couple of new LA Clippers arrivals, Microsoft spent this week dropping teasers for Windows 1.0. We also had some EV news from the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and AMD just dropped a surprise on NVIDIA's Super new graphics cards.

Pre-release price drop.AMD fires back at 'Super' NVIDIA with Radeon RX 5700 price cuts

AMD unveiled its new Radeon RX 5700 line of graphics cards with 7nm chips at E3 last month, and with just days to go before they launch on July 7th, the company has announced new pricing. The standard Radeon RX 5700 with 36 compute units and speeds of up to 1.7GHz was initially announced at $379, but will instead hit shelves at $349 -- the same price as NVIDIA's RTX 2060. The 5700 XT card that brings 40 compute units and up to 1.9GHz speed will be $50 cheaper than expected, launching at $399 -- lower than the $499 2070 Super.

Ready to go to the beach, or to Burning Man.Volkswagen's Type 20 electric concept merges old-school and new

The VW Type 20 concept car is essentially a tech-filled 1962 Microbus with its engine swapped for a battery pack and electric motor.

Here's why everyone is waiting for iPadOS.Engadget readers love the iPad Pro 12.9 -- but not iOS 12

While the iPad Pro 12.9 is an "impressive technical achievement," our reviewer Chris Velazco ultimately wanted more from the software side and gave the tablet a solid, but not spectacular, score of 84. Users were actually more disappointed by iOS 12, awarding the device an average score of 78.

Sticker price £300,000.Charge's Mustang hides an EV inside classic American muscle

So why this 1960s Mustang shell? Well, Charge knew it would be a head-turning project. The car's enormous size, though, also made it easier to squeeze in all of the necessary EV components. Plus, Charge's version is effectively a brand-new car powered by modern and, hopefully, more reliable components.

Due to 'maintenance related issues.'MoviePass temporarily shuts down service

It's unclear how long the outage will last, but in a tweet MoviePass said the service could be down for "several weeks."

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