Uber adds 'Comfort' tier for extra legroom and silent drivers

Choose your ideal temperature and level of chattiness before you get in the car.

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Uber is adding a new ride option that aims to make your journey a more personal and relaxed affair. Uber Comfort is an upgrade on the everyday ride, and ensures you have extra legroom in a newer, mid-size car, where you can make advance requests relating to things such as the temperature, and whether or not you want to chat -- choices which have until now only been open to Uber Black customers. The option is available at select cities across the US, and can only be offered by Uber drivers with a rating of 4.85 or higher.

Uber hasn't explicitly stated how much this particular option will cost you, although the promotional images from Uber show that for a regular UberX ride costing $23.97, opting for Comfort will cost $31.16 -- so it might not be your everyday go-to Uber choice, but it could add a nice touch to a special occasion, or provide welcome respite when you really need some peace and quiet.

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