Grammarly's color-coded AI suggestions show what needs fixing

You'll know whether it's a basic grammar issue or something more complex.

Grammarly revolves around AI-based writing suggestions, but now it's giving you an at-a-glance way to see what needs improving. The service's browser and desktop app editors have been updated with color-coded AI suggestions that revolve around four categories. Red underlines point out basic issues of correctness, such as spelling and grammar. Blue addresses clarity problems like concision and difficult-to-read sentence structure, while purple offers advice on the tone of your piece. You'll even see progress bars that show how close you are to refining your writing in a given category.

The company tells Engadget that the "majority" of the suggestions will carry over to the mobile keyboard for Premium users. Free users will have to wait until sometime later in 2019.

No matter where the updated editor is available, this could be helpful if you want a summary of needed improvements that isn't quite so overwhelming. It might also help if you want to prioritize your fixes, or if you're deliberately ignoring style errors (say, in a movie script). The timing is certainly apt -- Grammarly's update is coming soon after Google and Microsoft trotted out AI-powered writing tools of their own.

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