'Tetris Effect' brings its VR head trip to PCs on July 23rd

This includes 4K support and unlocked frame rates.

You won't have to snag a PS4 if you want to experience the synesthesia of Tetris Effect. Enhance has confirmed that its music-driven, effects-laden take on the classic puzzler is coming to PCs on July 23rd. It should take advantage of the extra power, too, with support for 4K and higher resolutions (including ultra-wide monitors) as well as an unlocked frame rate. And yes, there's support for VR headsets -- HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners can fully immerse themselves in the psychedelic experience.

The title will be available solely through the Epic Games Store (sorry Steam fans, at least for now), though those who either pre-order or buy it within the first two weeks will get both a 20 percent discount as well as a free soundtrack sampler and wallpapers. Whether or not those entice you, the game merits serious consideration if you're a fan of either Tetris or producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi's earlier work -- we found it therapeutic and focus-inducing.