You can bring your own Android phone to Xfinity Mobile

It's starting with Samsung devices.

You no longer need an iPhone if you want to bring an unlocked smartphone to Xfinity Mobile. The Comcast wireless service (which runs on the network of Engadget parent Verizon) has expanded its bring-your-own-device program to include Android smartphones. It's currently limited to semi-recent Samsung phones ranging from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy Note 9, so you'll want to forget dreams of bringing an S10 or Google Pixel to the network for now. The list of compatible devices will expand in the "near future," Comcast said.

The carrier is sweetening the pot for early adopters by offering a $100 prepaid card to customers who bring their Samsung phone to the network no later than August 4th.

There probably won't be a huge rush to take advantage of this. As before, you still need to be an Xfinity Internet subscriber to entertain the idea of switching to Xfinity Mobile. This does offer considerably more flexibility, though. It also shows that Comcast's cellular service is maturing into a more realistic option, at least for those who don't mind a wholesale commitment to one company for all their telecom services.

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