Uber wants to sell you Echos, AirPods and Oculus headsets

Apparently selling snacks wasn't enough.

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Uber is taking its retail offerings up a notch. Last year, the company teamed up with Cargo to let drivers hawk goods ranging from snacks to phone chargers. Now, Uber and Cargo are hoping riders will buy more expensive products, like Amazon Echos, Apple AirPods, Oculus devices and Glossier make-up.

According to CNBC, the companies are rolling out an app with curated products. When riders are in an Uber with a Cargo console, they'll be able to use the app to purchase travel accessories, movies and tech. Customers will receive 10 percent back in Uber Cash, which they can put toward future rides or Cargo purchases. Drivers will earn $1 per purchase, plus 25 percent of the cost of each item sold. The Cargo app will only work during an Uber trip, and the items will be sent to the customer's home, free of charge, within two to five business days.

While the Uber-Cargo partnership might have been relatively harmless when you were just buying late-night snacks, it could be more dangerous when you decide buying an Oculus headset from your Uber at 2AM is a good idea. Though, Uber claims this is at least partially aimed at riders taking longer trips to and from airports and who might want to download a movie or two on their way. In addition to giving drivers another way to make money, Uber stands to benefit as it owns equity in Cargo.

Update 7/18/19 9:10AM ET: This story was updated to remove mention of Away Luggage. Away is not a Cargo partner at this time.

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