Eli Roth’s studio is making five horror series for Facebook Watch

It's one of the first Facebook Watch deals for multiple series from a single provider.

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Crypt TV
Crypt TV

Last fall, Crypt TV announced it would convert its Webby Award-winning short The Birch into a 15-episode horror series for Facebook Watch. The digital studio, founded by Eli Roth and Jack Davis, isn't stopping there. According to Deadline, Crypt TV and Facebook are teaming up to bring a total of five horror series to the platform.

The additional series will each be 10 episodes long, and they'll be executive produced by Davis, as well as Kate Krantz and Darren Brandl. "Crypt is thrilled to deliver our signature monster stories to a global community on Facebook," Davis told Deadline. "This partnership is a unique opportunity for Crypt to continue to build our brand and bring our original scary IP to Facebook Watch."

The collaboration is fitting, given that when Crypt TV launched in 2015, it primarily shared its content on Facebook. And as Variety points out, this is one of the first Facebook Watch deals for multiple series from a single partner, as opposed to one-off show deals. There's no indication yet when the series will arrive.

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