'Westworld' season 3 trailer shows robots venturing beyond the park

There's also a WWII-themed park.

HBO has released the first full trailer for Westworld's third season, and it's clear that there's much, much more to see than what you caught in the teaser. The clip shows a future city where the park robots have slipped into human society, with Dolores well aware that she and her fellow bots are prime targets. She'll clearly be involved with Caleb, the construction worker played by Aaron Paul. We also see Maeve in a WWII-themed park -- as if Westworld's robots weren't dangerous enough.

The channel still hasn't revealed a specific release date for the third season beyond "2020." However, it's likely to become one of HBO's more important season launches. With HBO Max launching in spring 2020, WarnerMedia will no doubt be looking for tentpole shows launching around the same time. While there's no guarantee Westworld will come to HBO Max, the timing would certainly be convenient. If nothing else, it's a big help for HBO Now with Game of Thrones no longer being a surefire money maker.