Airbnb makes it easier to find a place to stay on business trips

It now highlight listings with positive ratings from other business travelers.

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Airbnb for Work
Airbnb for Work

Airbnb wants to make it easier to find work-friendly listings, and its solution is fairly simple. Before, the company would ask if you were traveling for business at checkout. Now, it's offering a work trip toggle that you can select at the beginning of your search. The feature will bring up listings that are more relevant for business trips.

The Airbnb for Work toggle will highlight listings that have received positive ratings from business travelers, as well as listings that have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors -- though you'd think everyone would want those. Users will also have access to Airbnb's existing business travel tools, like centralized billing, notes for expensing purposes and company admin dashboards.

Airbnb already helps businesses plan team-building exercises and lets users sign up for the nearest We Work office space. And while the new toggle is fairly straightforward, it could help the more than 500,000 companies who use Airbnb for Work. It could also give Airbnb more leverage in its fight against traditional hotels like Marriott.

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