Slack's latest update should make its desktop app more efficient

The company promises it will be faster and use less memory.

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Kris Holt
July 22nd, 2019
Tom Werner via Getty Images
Tom Werner via Getty Images

Slack has become an essential part of the daily workflow for many of us, but its desktop app has perhaps been in need of a little TLC. An update is rolling out over the next few weeks that Slack claims will make the app more efficient and help you get more things done.

It'll launch up to 33 percent faster and you'll be able to hop into a call with your colleagues or collaborators up to 10 times more quickly, which should save you time. It'll also hog up to 50 percent less memory, easing the strain on your machine so you can perhaps have even more browser tabs open.

Meanwhile, if your internet connection keeps cutting in and out, the latest version of the app will let you keep reading through your channels and messages without connection error messages blocking you from doing so. Slack will let you know with a notification once it's been updated.

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