Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 may have a touch-sensitive bezel

It could also be Samsung's first Bluetooth 5.0 watch.

Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active is more compact and less expensive than its sibling smartwatches, but navigation is considerably clunkier without the brand's usual rotating bezel. The company may have a simple solution to that, though -- turn the bezel into a touch surface. SamMobile sources claim the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will implement a "Touch Bezel" that lets you swipe your finger along the side to scroll through the circular interface. We could see that being an issue in some cases (Samsung will hopefully try to minimize accidental input), but it might beat having to obscure the screen every time you want to check the weather or read a text message.

This could also be helpful if you tend to wander away from your phone. The Active 2 is reportedly Samsung's first Bluetooth 5.0 watch, promising up to four times the range, support for two audio targets and lower power consumption. You might reliably receive notifications at the gym while your phone stays safe in a changing room locker.

The wristwear is still expected to come in 40mm and 44mm cases sizes with regular and LTE variants, not to mention aluminum and steel cases. Samsung hasn't said anything about a release date, but its Galaxy Note 10 event is just around the corner on August 7th. If the Active 2 is launching any time in the near future, that would be a good place to unveil it.