JBL's long-delayed Android TV soundbar is finally here

Patient Sound Link pre-order customers will finally get their reward.

JBL made a big splash last year at Google I/O 2108 with its $400 Link Bar that works as an Android TV Box, Google Assistant speaker and Chromecast device all in one. It turned out to be harder to stuff all that in than expected, however, as the device was significantly delayed following pre-orders that started nearly a year ago. Now, the wait is over, as JBL has announced that the Link Bar is finally available.

If you think about everything it does, the Link Bar is pretty good value, despite the relatively high price tag. A Chromecast Ultra costs $70, and you're looking at about the same for an Android TV box that transforms your dumb TV into a smart TV. On top of that, you get Google Assistant, multiple HDMI inputs and JBL's well-regarded sound quality.

That'll let you find programs using "Hey Google," control your smart home, listen to Spotify and do other chores remotely. As mentioned, the Link Bar is now available for $400 on JBL's website and at retail outlets. If you need more bass, you can supplement it with the optional $300 woofer.

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