Microsoft leak suggests hideous Windows Start menu could be coming

The Windows 10 internal build swaps live tiles for app icons.

Today, Microsoft leaked what could be a new Windows Start menu. The company accidentally shared a Windows 10 internal build (18947) with its Insider Program, Windows Central reports. The most striking change is a completely redesigned Start menu that swaps live tiles for a grid of app icons.

The redesigned Start menu also has a search bar at the top that lets you search both apps and the web. It has an area of "suggested apps," which might recommend apps based on other programs you're running or frequently used apps, and it supports dark mode. You can take a peek at the changes in Windows Central's hands-on video, below. But beware that the menu design is still clearly unfinished, as it was not meant for public viewing.

The build is meant for internal use, and there's no guarantee these features will ever be shared with the public. But it is believed that this is the new Start menu design for Windows Lite, so it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that Microsoft will bring it to Windows 10 desktop, too.