Honda E video shows off the EV's dual-touchscreen dash

The driver and passenger each have their own 12 inch screen to play with.

Need another look at Honda's adorable electric vehicle? Some new images and a teaser video take you inside the Honda E prototype to check out its dual 12.3-inch touchscreens. The menu has a similar style to Honda's current touch UI, but with two screens it's designed for easy use by both driver and passenger -- even if they're in separate apps. It's very customizable, with a quick swipe to add or remove shortcut items.

Honda seems intent on making its software live up to the experience people expect from their smartphones, and allows for swiping or browsing through both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The idea is that if the EV is parked, then those inside can even watch video on the large screens.

Naturally, it also has its own voice-controlled Honda Personal Assistant, while a smartphone app can monitor its charging, start the car with a digital key or send navigation details to the dual-screens. It's still a prototype and this is just a video demo, but it certainly doesn't make things easier for anyone in the US who knows Honda's strategy will keep the E away from here.