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Is Samsung's Galaxy S10+ a superb flagship?

It packs in solid upgrades to the Galaxy line, but is it worth that hefty price tag?

Amber Bouman
Amber Bouman|@dameright|August 1, 2019 11:00 AM

Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low had a lot of good things to say about Samsung's flagship Galaxy S10+ when it hit the market back in March. There was its big, beautiful HDR10+ display, a cleaner UI, impressive battery life, an upgraded camera software and the ability to wirelessly charge compatible devices. But it also included an inconsistent fingerprint sensor, lousy AR emoji and one of the less popular digital assistants, Bixby. Overall, Cherlynn favored the hardware over the software and gave the Galaxy S10+ a top-notch score of 91.

Currently the Galaxy S10+ has five user reviews on its product page, and an average score of 76 (ouch). If you own a Galaxy S10+, tell us what you think: Is the S10+ worth a 91 or a much more pessimistic 76? How long did the battery last, how fast does the phone complete tasks and how do you feel about its camera capabilities? Thumbs up or down on the 'hole punch' display? Give us all the details and a score in a user review on our Samsung Galaxy S10+ product page. Your review could be included in an upcoming roundup article, so include all you like (or dislike) about the smartphone!

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