Tesla rolls out fix for Dog Mode overheating bug

Your canine companion should stay cool.

You don't have to worry about Rover roasting due to that Dog Mode bug. The company has confirmed to Engadget that it's rolling out a fix for a flaw that disabled the automatic temperature regulation if you manually set the fan. You can leave your EV knowing that your pooch should stay cool regardless of settings. The person who drew attention to the problem, Unikrn's Rahul Sood, has already received the patch.

There's clearly a publicity element to the rapid turnaround for the fix. It both softens the blow of the initial flaw and makes Tesla look that much better by delivering a solution so quickly. At the same time, this does make a case for over-the-air car updates. In conventional cars, you might have to wait ages for a fix or visit a dealership -- now, quicker patches like these can deploy within hours.