Google updates Images to make it easier to compare products

An update to Google Images may help shopping decisions.

Google has unveiled an update to the Images interface that will allow users to compare and contrast related pictures. Entering a term like "green dress" or "black lamp" into Google Images can yield hundreds of results -- and it can be tough to narrow down the selection. Now, after users select an image, it will appear in a side panel on the page next to the search results. The image will continue to stay there as the user scrolls, allowing them to compare it with different versions of the same item.

The update includes a few other tweaks to Google Images that should help shoppers reach more informed decisions. If a user selects an image that is tagged as a product, they'll now see details such as brand, price, availability and reviews. They'll also learn more information about the image's source website.

Google has made a host of changes this year to better target shoppers -- it recently unveiled a completely re-designed Google Shopping platform. Earlier this year, it began testing shoppable ads in image search results and YouTube videos. The search giant is also allowing users to purchase products directly on many of its properties, including Search and Assistant.

Online shoppers are often faced with decision fatigue, so it makes sense that Google is finding ways to help. Allowing users to compare images, read reviews and learn more details about merchants will help narrow down their choices. It's easy enough to see how similar products stack up against each other at a brick-and-mortar store -- the new Images interface will help replicate this experience online.