Samsung's DeX on Note 10 brings phone apps to your PC

You just need a USB connection.

Samsung's DeX is no longer limited to turning your mobile device into a computer -- it now works with your computer. The expanded version of DeX on the Galaxy Note 10 lets you transfer files (including photos), reply to messages and run mobile apps on your Mac or Windows PC. It's Samsung's rough equivalent to Windows 10's phone integration, just with a unified interface and broader PC operating system support.

The Note 10 also touts a Link to Windows option in the phone's Quick Panel that connects to a Windows 10 PC, sharing your phone's notifications on your PC screen with no specialized apps required. This concept also isn't completely new, but it's still helpful if you'd rather not check your phone for a must-see message or app alert.

More Microsoft integrations are coming. You'll get to make and receive calls right from your PC (it's not clear if this is just for Samsung phones or for all Android devices). Samsung's Gallery app, meanwhile, will tie into OneDrive to upload photos to cloud storage. If the company has its way, your phone and computer will feel like extensions of each other.