Drone Racing League is making its Racer4 UAV available to all

It will be redesigned to support off-the-shelf components for easy repair.

When the new season of Drone Racing League premieres on August 11th, its competitors will be racing the fourth iteration of its high-speed First Person View drone. That machine, called the DRL Racer4, can accelerate from zero to 90mph in under a second, has a carbon-fiber canopy and has 1,000 colorful LED lights. And thanks to the league's decision to enter the consumer drone market, you'll be able to pre-order a street-ready version of your own. The league has launched the DRL Racer4 Street as a Kickstarter project with an estimated delivery date of April 2020.

"After many (many) requests to purchase a Racer3, we made sure to answer the demand with the 'Street Version' of our next-generation drone," the project's description reads. The league promises a "true, field-ready version of the DRL Racer4 drone" with the same power configuration. However, its electronics system will be redesigned to support off-the-shelf and plug-and-play parts, so you can easily find components and fix it if it breaks.

The bad news is that the league can only offer shipping within the US at the moment, though it may open orders to other regions if there's enough demand. (You'll have to take this survey to let the league know.) If you are in the US, you'll have to pledge $599 to get a DRL Racer4 Street drone as a reward.

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