Snap's Spectacles 3 are made for augmented reality

They might even be vaguely fashionable.

Snap's Spectacles 2 were functionally better, but not a revolution -- and they were still a bit dowdy. Its latest attempt at smart eyewear might fare better, though. The social service has unveiled Spectacles 3 glasses that include dual HD cameras to capture scenes in 3D and introduce augmented reality Snapchat effects to moments where they weren't previously an option. You can add 3D filters to your walk, take pseudo-3D still shots of your friends and add 3D Lens effects to a bike ride. While you can only record video for up to a minute of continuous video at a time, that's still a tangible improvement over the 10 seconds from before.

The Spectacles 3 might even look vaguely fashionable, too. While you probably wouldn't treat them as the centerpiece of your ensemble, their steel frame (available in either black Carbon or gold-tinted Mineral) and circular lenses should at least convey some sense of style. This is helped by a leather charging case that can hold four top-ups and fold flat when you're not using it.

Snap ships the new eyewear in the fall, with pre-orders available now. You will, however, want to act quickly -- and brace your bank account for impact. The company describes Spectacles 3 as a much more limited edition than before. It's not providing specific production numbers, but you'll only see a fraction of the 200,000 original Spectacles it had sold as of April 2018. Also, this new model is decidedly more expensive at $380. That's a lot to pay just to wow your Snapchat friends, although it might be worth it if you want to add some flair to your Snaps without looking quite so awkward in public.