Facebook pivots privacy failings into pop-up cafes

The company cares about your privacy. Honestly.

Facebook is fighting back against the perception that it doesn't care about protecting user data, confirming that it will open a number of pop-up cafes where visitors can get privacy check-ups.

Five Facebook cafes will open throughout the UK, with the first popping up inside The Attendant coffee bar on Great Eastern Street in London on August 28th and 29th. At the cafes, visitors will be offered free drinks if they take part in a "privacy check-up".

The check-ups will show users how to customize their Facebook privacy settings, including what personal information is visible to others and what apps have access to their Facebook account.

Between the Cambridge Analytica scandal and being challenged by Senators over its approach to kids' privacy, it's clear that Facebook only cares about privacy because it has to. The cafes try to put the onus onto users to take responsibility for their privacy settings. However, all the settings in the world won't help you if your data gets hacked.