Supreme's 'burner' phone is built for hypebeasts

When it really is all about the label.

How important is it that your phone have a Supreme label on it? Important enough that you'd be willing to take big step back in technology? If so, you're in luck. Supreme has unveiled its catalog for fall and winter 2019, and in amidst the usual eccentricities (including champagne flutes and gold-plated dumbbells) is a branded BLU "Burner Phone." It appears to be a gussied-up Zoey 2.4, making it a pretty basic candybar device with a 2.4-inch screen, 3G data, a VGA camera and 128MB of (thankfully expandable) storage -- its biggest feature is the inclusion of a web browser. You really are paying primarily for that "Supreme" badge, although the company is thoughtful enough to include a 16GB microSD card in the box.

There's no mention of pricing. With that said, burner phones in general are meant to be cheap, almost throwaway devices (please recycle, folks), and the Zoey 2.4 normally costs just $33 unlocked. This is the vacation phone you're not worried about losing, a backup handset, or even a main phone if you either don't want smartphone trappings or can't justify the cost. Supreme may be clever in that light -- you can flaunt your hypebeast status without panicking quite so much if your phone breaks or gets stolen.

Presenter: Terrence O'Brien
Script: Terrence O'Brien
Script Editor: Devindra Hardawar, Edgar Alvarez
Editor: Liviu Oprescu
Producer/Camera: Michael Morris