Tesla delays price hike for self-driving upgrade

It's waiting for Enhanced Summon to arrive.

You'll still have at least a few more weeks to order a Tesla with the Full Self-Driving upgrade before the price hike kicks in. Elon Musk said Tesla had "postponed" the $1,000 increase until cars received version 10 software with "smart summon" (aka Enhanced Summon) enabled. He expected that to happen within four to eight weeks, although that depended on how well early access testing went.

The feature has Tesla's cars automatically navigate toward you in the parking lot. You wouldn't have to park toward the front of a store just to avoid a lengthy walk.

Whether or not Tesla makes that target window isn't clear. Remember, Musk said in November 2018 that Enhanced Summon was coming in six weeks. Release estimates aren't Tesla's strong suit, to put it mildly. If this does arrive as promised, though, it could help buyers feel better about a package thatso far hasn't lived up to its name.