SpaceX Starhopper 150m hover test aborted (updated)

With just eight tenths of a second on the clock.

Ready for the next generation of SpaceX vehicles? Before the Starship launches, it's testing out the new technology on this Starhopper test vehicle, which is scheduled to make its highest jump yet at about 7 PM ET. If all goes well, it will pop up to about 150m / 500~ feet. Check below for a live stream of the test from Boca Chica Beach, TX.

Update (7:08 PM ET): After the countdown paused and restarted, this attempt was aborted with .80 seconds left on the clock. SpaceX is currently "evaluating" its next test opportunity, we'll let you know when you have another chance to see Elon Musk's "water tower" fly.

Update 2 (7:38 PM ET): The SpaceX stream indicates a second attempt today is "possible," so...stay tuned?

Update 3 (9 PM ET): According to Elon Musk, the igniters have to be checked, so that means waiting until at least tomorrow for another attempt.