SpaceX's Starhopper successfully completes its 150m hover test (updated)

Ever seen a water tower fly?

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Richard Lawler
August 27, 2019 5:56 PM
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SpaceX's Starhopper successfully completes its 150m hover test (updated)

Just like yesterday, SpaceX is lined up to attempt its most ambitious launch yet of the water tower-like Starhopper test vehicle. This is all in preparation for its upcoming Starship, but first the Raptor engines and frame need some shorter non-orbital attempts. If all goes well, it will fly to around 500 feet high at about 6 PM ET, but as we saw with yesterday's test, anything can happen, like a wiring issue -- even with just eight tenths of a second left on the countdown.

Update: The test went off as planned this time, apparently without a hitch. You can watch the flight below, but we're already looking forward to bigger and better hops.


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