Spotify lets you add 15-second song clips to Facebook Stories

It brought a similar feature to Instagram last year.

Beginning today, Spotify will let users share 15-second clips of Spotify songs on their Facebook Stories. If followers tap on the preview, they'll be transferred to Spotify, where they can listen to the rest of the track. The change is geared toward musicians, and Spotify calls it "a more powerful way to connect with fans." But anyone will be able to use the new feature.

To add a song to your Facebook Story, you'll tap "share" when listening to the track on Spotify, select Facebook, customize your Story and post. At the moment, only single tracks will include a preview. Albums or playlists that you share will not come with a 15-second clip.

Spotify added a similar feature to Instagram last year. At the time, it said this integration with Facebook Stories was coming soon. Tech Crunch pointed out that Spotify had a similar "Share to Facebook Stories" feature earlier this year, but it was short lived. Our guess is that this one is here to stay.