Now Tesla owners can attach a picture to their repair request

Give techs a look at what's broken before you bring the car in.

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Spencer Platt via Getty Images
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

While many Tesla owners love their electric vehicles, one complaint we've heard about has been about waiting for repairs. Last year Elon Musk announced Tesla would bring most collision repairs in-house to help reduce wait times to same-day or even one-hour, and now its mobile app is part of the push to get things fixed faster.

As the company explained in a tweet, now customers using the mobile app to schedule a service appointment can attach pictures of any damage along with the request. Getting a good look at what happened should make sure technicians are ready to fix it and have the right parts, whether at one of its service centers or if they're coming to the car. The feature just launched today -- here's hoping any of you with Teslas don't have a reason to use it any time soon.

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