TiVo's leaked Edge DVR touts Dolby HDR and Atmos audio

Streaming will be just as important as cable with this set-top box.

TiVo is apparently renewing its efforts to serve cord-cutters. Zatz Not Funny has obtained snapshots of an Arris-made TiVo Edge DVR that would cater to both the streaming crowd and cable TV diehards in equal measure. It wouldn't be as flamboyant as the oddly-shaped Bolt (you can finally stack things on top!), but it would be loaded with 4K, Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Vision HDR to stream services like Netflix and Prime Video in maximum quality.

There would be a CableCARD-equipped version with six tuners and 2TB of space, but there would also be two OTA-focused models with different tuner and storage levels.

It's not certain how close the Edge might be to reaching shelves, but the box shots in the leak hint the DVR is likely close to launch. Just how much it costs is another matter, although Bolt-like pricing (around $250 for an OTA model, plus service) is a possibility. The real challenge may be convincing people to buy one. Streaming services are continuing to grow, and a flood of new services from Disney, WarnerMedia and others have made it that less necessary to watch conventional TV.