'Homeworld 3' is real, and it's being crowdfunded by Gearbox

It's already raised over $482,000 so far.

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Is there a better way to celebrate Homeworld's 20th anniversary than by finally getting another entry? Over the weekend, Gearbox announced that it's publishing Homeworld 3, a genuine follow-up to the space-faring real-time strategy series. It'll be developed by Blackbird Interactive (who were also behind the Homeworld: Remastered Collection), and crowdfunded on Fig. At the time of this post, the game has already raised over $482,000 from 2,672 backers.

It's certainly odd to see Gearbox take the crowdfunding route with Homeworld 3, when it's a large enough publisher to finance it entirely. But according to the campaign page, it's aiming to use Fig as a way to bring together die-hard players and the game's developers. You'll also be able to take advantage of the platform's key feature — investing! — to claim a piece of the pie for yourself. Gearbox is offering shares in Homeworld 3 at $500 each, with a maximum offering of $10 million.

"We've been craving the right opportunity to dive deep with a community in a way only crowdfunding offers," Gearbox wrote on the Fig page. "With Homeworld's incredibly patient and thoughtful community, we've got exactly that opportunity."

At this point, Homeworld 3 is still in early pre-production, so be prepare to wait a while. The Fig page lists a Q4 2022 delivery date, but as with every crowdfunding project, expect plenty of delays along the way.

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