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Fox is the first US sports network to put its name on a gambling app

Fox Bet is now available in New Jersey.

At the same time as sports hub theScore announced it's launching a new betting app, media giant Fox has unveiled its own gambling platform. Fox Bet rolls out first in New Jersey, and will give users access to sports content, news, expert insight, commentary and analysis, as well as real money wagering experience. Fans can bet on a wide range of live sports and events, including football, baseball, motor sports, hockey, golf, tennis and soccer.

While Fox is not the first to launch this kind of app, it's the first major media organization in North America to put its name directly on one – other companies have created standalone brands to keep them at arm's length from the sometimes-controversial issue of gambling. However, Rupert Murdoch's company already has some experience in this field, having launched Sky Bet, a UK sports betting platform, fronted by entertainment brand Sky.

Fox Bet, which has been launched in partnership with gaming provider The Stars Group, offers pretty much everything you'd expect in a betting platform -– generous introductory offers and instant scores -- but comes with the added appeal of a reputable sports brand name, and all the stars and glitzy sports glam that goes along with it. It's available now on desktop, iOS and Android in New Jersey, and is expected to roll out to other states shortly.