Google Calendar will guess your working hours and warn colleagues

Let the system tell your boss you're not around.

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Google Calendar's Working Hours feature has been around for a while, letting you inform others when you'll be around for meetings and when you're unavailable. Previously, you'll have had to activate it through the app's settings, but now it'll be enabled by default, displaying an estimate of your work day availability based on previous appointments (which you can tweak if they're not quite right).

If you're creating an event, you'll get a warning notification that "some people might decline" if you schedule it outside of other people's working hours, which will be displayed in a new grid view. The idea is to avoid the back-and-forth that comes with finding a meeting time that suits everyone -- and to help you better manage your work-life balance without the awkwardness of telling your boss "no." The updated feature is rolling out to G Suite users now and will be available to free Google Calendar users soon.

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