Netflix's 'Remind Me' alerts you when new shows arrive

There's also a dedicated 'latest' section to help you find new material.

Netflix loves to add new content, but finding it all can be a pain -- as can remembering just when a new show or season will premiere in the first place. You might not miss out on new additions going forward, at least. The service is introducing a "Remind Me" button on certain titles to send notifications when they're ready to stream. Whether or not reminders are available, a new 'Latest' tab will also let you know what's new and what's in the pipeline for both the current week and the next.

The features first started reaching subscribes in August, but it'll take a few weeks to roll out to compatible devices. You may have to wait a while depending on your platform, though. Smart TVs and others will see them in the "coming months."

It's no surprise that Netflix would go this route. Its service depends on people constantly coming back for more -- you may be more inclined to keep a sub running if you can find new shows without wading through the home screen. Reminders, meanwhile, could boost viewership and help gauge interest for titles before they've even premiered. When Netflix's business increasingly revolves around blockbuster releases, additions like this could prove crucial.