Nintendo promises to release more 'Smash Bros. Ultimate' fighters

The new character releases won't end with the fifth Fighters Pass DLC rollout.

Nintendo owes Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass buyers just one more character after releasing Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard in November. But that doesn't mean the lineup will stop growing once all five characters are available. The gaming giant has announced during its latest Nintendo Direct event that it will continue developing more fighters beyond the five included in the $25 DLC pack it started offering last year.

In addition to Bogard, which the company has also announced at the event, the DLC pack gives you access to Persona 5's Joker and Dragon Quest XI's hero. The game has also just added Banjo and Kazooie as part of its latest update, while the fifth DLC will be revealed later. It wouldn't hurt as much even if it doesn't turn out to be your favorite character, though -- there's now always a chance that your beloved hero (or villain) will make its way to the game. Take note, however, that future releases will be sold separately and will cost you more money.