'Kingdom Hearts 3' continues with 'Re Mind' DLC this winter

Sora has a new form as he takes on a sinister organization.

You'll soon have another fix if you can't get enough of Kingdom Hearts -- you know, Square Enix's other big RPG franchise. The developer has revealed Re Mind DLC that will continue the Kingdom Hearts 3 story this winter. The teaser doesn't say much about what's coming to PS4 and Xbox One players, but it hints at a new battle form for lead character Sora, trouble for Kairi and a fight with the sinister Organization XIII. You'll find a "familiar realm," but new boss fights and the ability to switch characters in some battles.

Although it's still early days, we'd note there's a conspicuous lack of Disney material. That's not a complete surprise (Disney tie-ins aren't trivial exercises), but it's worth noting if you were hoping for more animated stars. Re Mind is currently aimed at fans of Square's fiction, and you'll want to set your expectations accordingly.