Vivaldi's browser for power users comes to Android

Speed Dial on your mobile.

Opera's former CEO launched the Vivaldi desktop browser in 2016, catering to power users who missed the shortcuts and tweaks of the original Opera. Now, the Vivaldi browser is available for Android too, in a fully-featured beta version.

The Android version has all the features you'd expect from a mobile browser like multiple tabs, bookmark and password syncing and private browsing. Opera fans will be pleased to see support for Speed Dials, which offer a way to quickly access and organize bookmarks. It also has a focus on security and privacy, so the company doesn't collect excessive user data and uses end-to-end encryption for its sync function.

There are also some more unusual features like an integrated notes tool which syncs between your devices, the ability to switch search engines on the fly and an option to screenshot either the visible area of the browser or an entire webpage.

The desktop version of Vivaldi is designed to be more customizable than other browsers, with options available to tweak many aspects of the browser's appearance and the inclusion of quirky features like syncing your smart lights or your RBG peripherals with the colors of the website you are currently browsing.

The beta version of Vivaldi is available to the public and can be downloaded now from the Google Play Store.

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