Mazda will show off its first EV at the Tokyo Motor Show

The automaker will debut its first EV at the show in October.

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Amrita Khalid
September 16th, 2019
josefkubes via Getty Images
josefkubes via Getty Images

Mazda is following through with its promise to introduce an EV. The Japanese automaker plans to unveil a full-electric vehicle next month at the Tokyo Motor Show, reported Automotive News. The plan is for Mazda to debut the electric car next year, and eventually electrify the rest of its lineup.

Few details are known about the model that Mazda will unveil in Tokyo, other than the fact that it will be based on an entirely new car. The automaker last month tested a prototype of an electric vehicle that resembled its CX-5 SUV in Norway, reported Electrek. But it's unclear whether Mazda will go with this model at next month's auto show.

The car will be separate from the work Mazda is doing with Toyota to collaborate on EVs. It will be available in both a full electric version and a range extender for North America. While the full electric version will suit customers in Europe and Asia, North American drivers will need a vehicle that can handle longer distances.

The EV will be Mazda's first, and falls in line with the company's plans to introduce more eco-friendly vehicles in order to meet tightened C02 emission standards in Europe and California. The company has said that by 2030 or 2035, most of its cars will be powered by electric or hybrid motors.

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