You can now order Postmates at Yankee Stadium

Fans can order ahead and skip lines.

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The days of gnawing on rubbery hot dogs or peanuts during a baseball game are long over. From Fenway Park to Camden Yards, most MLB stadiums are packed with a wide range of food options. But for the Yankees fan with a craving for something different, Postmates today has announced an exclusive partnership with Yankee Stadium. The food delivery app already has a similar partnership in place with the Dodger Stadium.

The service, called Postmates Live, will allow fans to order right from their seats and then retrieve their food at designated pick-up points in Section 113 and 116 of the stadium. The service is only available in those two sections as of today, but will roll-out to additional areas in time for the 2020 season.

Yankees fans are already spoiled for choice when it comes to dining, with concession stands that offer everything from sushi to vegan options to BBQ. But the availability of food delivery apps at baseball games could help solve the problem of long lines at concession stands. It could also be an easier option for those in large groups or with small children.

Postmates is celebrating the partnership by offering Yankees fans a $5 discount on their first order. Simply enter the promo code YANKEES into the Postmates app when placing your order.

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