Louis Vuitton is making a case for a major 'League of Legends' trophy

It normally reserves this for top-tier conventional sports.

How do you know esports have made it into the mainstream? When a French fashion house wants to get involved, apparently. Louis Vuitton is partnering with Riot Games on a unique Trophy Travel case for the Summoner's Cup awarded to the winner of the League of Legends World Championship on November 10th. The maison has previously only created these cases for major conventional sports like the FIFA World Cup and America's Cup -- it's a huge leap to produce a trunk for a gaming competition.

The design won't shock you if you've seen Louis Vuitton gear before: the company's signature patterns and earthy color tones are everywhere.

This is just the start of the collaboration, too. Louis Vuitton and Riot also plan to unveil new champion skins as well as a capsule collection from women's collection Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière. You can expect other "digital assets" in the future.

It sounds like a strange collaboration, but makes sense for both companies. For Riot, this lends an extra air of prestige to League of Legends competition. Louis Vuitton, in turn, reaches an audience that might not even consider the brand unless they're shopping for a luxurious smartwatch or iPhone case. You're probably not about to buy an LV bag just because you saw the trophy case, but the fashion firm is no doubt hoping some people will be customers in the long run.